Axel Aas


Axel Moltzau Aas started his working career as a 2nd Lieutenant onboard a mine diver vessel in the Norwegian navy (1987-89). He later moved to the UK and completed a BSc in Management Science at University of Warwick (1989-92). After finishing his Bachelor degree, he went on to City University, London (MSc Shipping, Trade & Finance 1992-93).

His first job in the shipping industry started at Fearnleys where he soon became the managing director of Fearnley Consultants. He later moved to Hong Kong for a period of 5 years and worked as shipbroker for Rodskog Shipbrokers. After returning to Norway, he moved into the ship finance sector and structured "KS" projects at Fearnley Finans. In 2004 he agreed to establish a new Norwegian "KS" house in partnership with a colleague from Fearnley Finans and Platou Shipbrokers (RS Platou Finans, renamed Clarksons Platou project Finance in 2015).

The company soon became a leading project finance provider in Norway and has financed vessels worth about USD 4.5 billion during the period 2004-1017.

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